Monday, May 13, 2013

Morther's Day Part One - School Projects

     I'm lucky enough that Michael's school tries very hard to do special projects with them for big occasions.  I expect a picture or something, but was so thrilled to find many projects he had done for me.  
     The first was a cute visor.  I knew he had picked the embellishments out because of the ladybug.  it's the only bug we don't freak out at right now.  I had to wear it on Mother's least for awhile.  
     Here I am getting a big hug while wearing my visor.  We were at my Mom's for a visit.

 Up next he decorated a cup to hold the flower they planted for us.

     If that wasn't enough work for his teachers they were kind enough and used his handprints to make a painting of the flower. 

     Could the projects get any darn cuter!  Did your kiddos make anything at school for you?
     Up next the present my Hubby helped M pick out, and the  packaging I made for my Momma's gift.


  1. These are the cutest!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Guess what?! I’ve chosen you to receive a Liebster Award!! For more info on the Liebster Award visit C’est La-Vie Designs Unlimited, LLC



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    1. I think so too Ana, but Mom's are always biased :-)