Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back 2 School Projects

     So today is day two of the KK8 day focus on back to school projects.  We specifically had to use apples in our projects.
     Since my little one hasn't started school yet I couldn't do a layout so I had to get my ideas flowing.  I came up with an altered wipes case.  I went out and found a school themed paper, with apples of course, and a set of school stickers.  I had the wipes case around the house already since we recently finished potty training.  The whole project took two sheets of paper, one patterned and one solid, and one pack of stickers.  Total cost...maybe $3.00

     I also chose to decorate the top so that you couldn't see the brand name of the wipes. 
    Now think of all the cool things you could fill this with!  Depending on the child's age maybe leaving it filled with wipes is still the way to go.  If not, about 9-12 packs of pocket size tissues would fit in here.  It could fit about 10-11 packs of colored pencils.  Maybe 9 small boxes of crayons.  Or if you want to be a really good parent fill it with miniature candy bars!
     With the scrap of patterned paper, and stickers, I had left I made a card to write M's daycare teacher a note.
I hope this has inspired you to try something new, and please head on over to the KK8 blog to see what the rest of the design team has come up with for back to school.