Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fun In The Sun Page

     I really wanted to show you all this page because I'm rather proud of the sun element, as it was my first succesful attempt at making my own embellishments. As you all know, any type of embellishment at the store that is dimensional that gotten crazy expensive. My solution has been to try to use things I have to create dimensional elements myself.
     The sun is made from two different card stocks.  They are similar, but just slightly different is hue and one is textured.  It makes for a really nice effect.  The bursts are washi tape my friend La-Vie gifted me, and the yellow bling is from my friend Meka

     I think this has given the the spark to try other types of homemade embellishements.  What about you? Do you create any of your own or are you strictly store bought...and why?  


  1. Nice page, love the fact that you used your PIF

  2. Great page & wonderful sun--better than store bought!