Sunday, April 23, 2017

How to easily add embellishments to your craft project

     Hey Scrappy Friends!  I'm here today with a new to me product that I wanted to share with you because it's changing the way I craft.  It's the Embellie Gellie by ScraPerfect.
     Previously I was using the following pick up stick produced by another company.
     The problem with the above is see the green only stays sticky for about three embellishments and then you have to pull it off and advance more.  I mean seriously...who only put three sequins or gem type things on a layout.  I was advancing sometimes three times each layout.  Enter the Embellie Gellie.
Embellie Gellie helps to pick up and attach small embellishments to all your craft projects
     It comes with a wooden wand and the tacky portion in a small re-sealable container.
     Since you only use a small portion at a time I chose to score mine with my Tim Holtz craft knife so that I knew they were relatively proportional.
     Pull off the portion you scored and roll it around the flat end of the wooden wand.  You can mold it to the shape you need for your embellishment.  For a smaller one I used a point and a larger just a more round end.

      You're now ready to start attaching embellishments.  Touch the wand to the embellishment and you're ready to go.   So much easier to perfectly place than using your fingers or having the item pop away from you when using tweezers.  
     You can always pick up multiple embellishments to transfer to your project.  I tried picking up both the flat and rounded side of these homemade enamel dots to test and it worked on both sides.  
     You can these use the pointed end of the wand to do any minor adjustments or push the embellishment further in your dot of adhesive.  Game changer my friends...let me tell you.
    I then pop my tacky portion back in the box and it's ready to use again the next time I craft.  How easy is that and less expensive than buy the other product over and over since it runs out so quickly. 


  1. I had no idea something like this even existed! And here I was using tweezers, ugh.

    1. Yup - so much easier as tweezers tend to "pop" the items out...well at least for me they do

  2. This looks like a great tool for adding embellishments! Knowing my clumsy fingers, this would make it so much easier.

    1. It has made it so much easier for me Jessica. I'm actually surprised how much I reach for it