Sunday, May 7, 2017

How To Safely Repair Your Children's Favorite Board Books

     Hey Scrappy Friends!  I'm here today with an off the page idea for your Best Glue Ever.  If you've had children, or even know a child, you know that every darn thing goes right in the mouth when the are smaller.  It's no different here at our house, and our little one chewed part of the cover off of one of our favorite books in a series.

     I wanted to repair the book, but how to do that in a child friendly way was stumping me.  Plain white glue didn't have enough hold.  Tape could be chewed off.  Crafting glues weren't safe if kiddo decided to have a snack again...enter the Best Glue Ever.
     Since the glue is non-toxic if baby girl decides to chew again I know I don't have to worry.  I applied a very thin line around the outside part that was lifted. When I say tiny...I really mean tiny.  It doesn't take much of this to get a great hold. 

     I then just let the book sit with the glue bottle on top for a little.  I'd say at most it sat an hour, and it didn't need that long I just happened to be cooking supper.  You also don't need to weight the items done, but since mine was soooo very bent I figured it couldn't hurt.

     And now look at this fabulous result!  One of our favorite books is almost as good a new.  Well, except for the teeth marks :-)

     I hope this gives you a new idea of how to use your Best Glue Ever, and saves your favorite story books.  Oh, and before I's a picture of the culprit.  Until next time...stay crafty!

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