Friday, July 7, 2017

How Embellie Gellie Saved My Father's Day

     Hey Scrappy Friends!  I wanted to share with you how the Embellie Gellie saved our Father's Day.   I make my own enamel dots and received on order for over 1,000 the Saturday of Father's Day.  I needed have them shipped Monday, and I didn't have all the colors on hand.
         I went ahead and made a ton of colors, but they still needed to be packed. 
     Normally I do this all by hand and it takes me forever.  With my Embellie Gellie though I was able to go in and pick up just the colors I was looking to pack.
     I was able to pack my whole order while still spending time at the park with my family and having a cook out with my Father.
   What could have taken hours and hours with Embellie Gellie took no time at all.  Thanks for saving my Father's Day!