Monday, July 3, 2017

Quick And Easy Last Minute Fourth of July Crafts

     So it's July 3rd (Happy Birthday to my little sister), and you haven't started your paper crafts for tomorrow yet!!! I have a few quick and easy items that will help make your party festive without a ton of time, and using supplies your probably already have in your stash.
Last Minute 4th of July Decorations

     First up is some small flags that have a variety of uses and a card from the P.S. I Love You Crafts. How cute would the card be done on a singe sheet with your menu printed on the back!?
Patriotic Card

     I also love this silverware holder from Creatively Homemade.  Not only is this an easy way to add some festivity to your party, but it helps your guests.  We all have sat down as a picnic and realized we missed a piece or silverware or didn't have any.  What may to make your guests more comfortable than take all the work of it for them.
4th of July Silverware Holder

     Food fun kids has a great confetti popper idea. I can see these being great for little ones that you don't want to give sparklers too, or in areas where fireworks aren't allowed.

     This Momma Loves has several vase decorations that if you have older kids they could make for you.  What's a better time saver than that!  Quiet kids and some win
Patriotic Vase Decorations

     Finally for you I have a wreath from Creatively Homemade.  The pinwheels can be used on the wreath or image them on sticks for decorations or attached to paper straws for kids drinks. Super fun!
Patriotic Wreath

     Hope these fun crafts have given you some last minute ideas to make your party more festive.  Until next time....stay crafty!


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