Friday, October 20, 2017

Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Toddler Christmas Craft

     Hey crafty friends!  I'm back today sharing a post with an idea for a craft that your toddler can do...or your older child help you with.  I've started collecting ideas for when Christmas break comes as this if my first year home with them during break.
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    Since this post is sponsored by the Dollar also won't break the bank!  Your supplies include craft sticks, green and brown paint, foam paint brushglue of choice, dental floss and decorations.  For my decorations I chose pom-poms, bells and glitter glue.  
Supplies for toddler christmas tree craft

     To start off with you are going to paint three craft sticks green and half of one brown.  This is the part that older kids can help with.  
     After they are dry you glue the three green into triangle to represent a Christmas tree.  The brown half stick gets glue to the bottom like a trunk.  If your child is older they can help with a hot glue gun, but a toddle I'd either glue for them or use a cold glue.  You're now ready to decorate.
     For an older child the bells can be strung through the dental floss and hung in the middle or tied around the tree.  Of course they can also use the glitter glue and pom-poms.  For a toddler I'd stick with the pom-poms and/or glitter glue. 
     I am going to have magnets on hand to make these into refrigerator decorations and they can make multiples for our house and Grandma's and Pop's.
         I hope you have enjoyed my toddler idea.  I also have made a youtube video of me making these if you'd like to see it in action.  I'd love if you'd leave me a comment and subscribe.


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