Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy Scrapbook Layout | Felicity Jane

     Hey Scrappy Friends!  Welcome to my last layout for the month of June.  This layout was inspired by the June 15th sketch over at Stuck? Sketches.   Laura always has inspiring sketches and I'm so glad she shares them with us.  
    For this layout I used the May Willow kit from Felicity Jane. The colors were perfect for my photo.  Hubby and I were at Tybee Island in this photo and I was about five months pregnant with our son Michael.
     I will have a process video on my channel next month about how I created this.  I'm honestly not 100% sure I love it, but anything more I tried to add just was too much.  The triangles are Liquitex Modeling Paste that I colored with some Studio Calico color theory (05) paint mixed with some Heidi Swapp Mustard Color Shine.  I mixed the two to create a shade that matched my die cut title and the paper I backed my photo with. 
    The stamping is done with stamps from Felicity Jane's June kit summer and Stazon-On Jet Black Ink. I like using the Staz-On because I don't have to worry if my surface is mat like my paper or coated like my tags.
     Okay - well...I better run.  Little lady wants her lunch.  Thanks for joining me today and until next time.  Keep scrapping!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How To Save Your Kids Game Boxes

     Hey Scrappy Friends!  I keep coming up with ways to use The Best Glue Ever that I want to share with you.  I mean let's be real...if we can buy one glue that does all these things, and supports a small business, why not right!?
     So if your kiddos are anything like mine they are super rough on the boxes for their board games.  Look at the poor checkers box.
     I have tried other things to repair game boxes before, but none of them seem to hold.  I've used staples, tape, other glues and they always come back apart again quickly.  Enter The Best Glue Ever...
     All you have to do is put some in the areas you need to re-stick. I actually used more than needed here just to be me REALLY certain it wasn't going to come back undone.
     I also clipped the corners I wasn't working on together with binder clips since I knew nap time was coming to an end.  I could walk away then knowing all corners were held together until dry (which really doesn't take long) if baby girl woke up sooner than expected.
     Now look at this result!  There isn't a gap to be seen, and we can go back to enjoying our game without pieces falling all over, rubber bands holding things together or having to re-box.
     I really hope some of my ideas have been helping you look at your crafting supplies in new ways to use around your house.  Until next time....

Monday, June 19, 2017

An Adorable Welcome Home Puppy One Page Layout

     Hey Scrappy Friends!  I'm back with another process video today.  This time I was inspired by the sketch and word from May 15th at Scrap Our Stash.  Wish I had gotten this one recorded, and edited, in time to enter the challenge.
     With the sketch you had to use the word mother, and use one item for each letter.  Mine are M - My Mind Eye Paper, O - Ornamental Shape Stickers, T - The Best Glue Ever for my enamel dots and woods pieces, H - Hearts and Home, E - Echo Park Paper, R - Red to match the new puppy.
     To hear all about my thought process when creating this please head over to my youtube channel to check out the process video.  Thanks for checking my creations out!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How to make your own dog leash

     Hey Friends.  I'm here today with a DIY for you (or you can buy them at my Etsy shop) to make your own dog leash.  Leashes are expensive and often don't come in the size you want.  With this easy tutorial you can quickly make your own.
A quick and easy tutorial on creating your own dog leash

The supplies you'll need are:
     1. To start with you need to calculate the length of polypropylene rope you need to cut. Take the length you want the leash to be and add 1.5 feet for the clasp side and 2-3 feet for the handle side depending on how large you'd like the wrist loop to be. Once you cut the rope to size burn each end to prevent fraying.

     2. For the carabiner side fold a portion down and create a poachers knot. Then attach your carabiner.
     3. Now cut two pieces of heat shrink about three inches in length and thread through the rope you haven't tied yet.
     4. With the untied rope end create the loop for your wrist...size as desired.

     5. Take paracord and wrap around the loop and down the rope until desired length is reached...keeping high tension as you go. 

     6. When you reach desired length tuck the end of the paracord under the last wrap around to secure.

     7. Slide the two pieces of heat shrink to each end...melt  one over the poachers knot and the other over the end of the paracord wrap with a heat tool or over an open flame. While the heat shrink isn't as pretty as we may like it provides the strength needed to glue it all together if the dog pulls quickly or harder than we are ready for.  

     So there you have it.  A custom dog leash with ease.  Hope this tutorial gives you some ideas for your own pup, but if DIY isn't your style you can buy these at my Etsy shop.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How To Clean Your Purse Quickly

    Hey Scrappy Friends!  I wanted to share with you today a new way I found to use my ScraPerfect Best Cleaner Ever, and I'm so excited about the result.  
     I recently bought a new purse, and when I brought it in my husband's car I honestly don't know what happened, but it came out all black. The picture doesn't show how bad it really looked :-(
How to quickly clean your purse using The Best Cleaner Ever
     I figured I had nothing to lose, but I suggest testing on a small inconspicuous spot...just in case.  I tested on the bottom.
     To clean I just sprayed a bit on a cotton ball and rubbed where the black was.

     So are you ready for the result...The Best Cleaner Ever saved my new purse!


Monday, June 5, 2017

Creating a sparkling snow day fun one page layout

     Hey Scrappy Friends! Just sharing a layout today that has a corresponding process video up on my youtube channel today.  If you click on the thumbnail it will take you to the video.
 Snow Day Process Video
     Thanks so much for checking it out.  Here is the layout that was inspired by the May 15th sketch over at Stuck ? Sketches and an old My Creative Scrapbook Kit.  
A single page layout created with products from Echo Park and Pebbles with a process video