Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beach Bonus

     So I promised a bonus item this week, and here it is!  I made a pop-up card from my Echo Park Paradise Beach sticker collection.  This card was a free download on their website.  If you sign up for an account they have tons of free project ideas for each collection.  The card took maybe five minutes in total to put together.  I'll tell you...that's my kind of project...instant gratification :-)
    Since several of the stickers go over top of the card I think I'm going to press the card to tissue paper ,and then cut each shape out so it's not sticky anymore.                         I haven't decided who will receive this yet, but I'm thinking it will be my nephew with a strip of photo booth photos of Michael on our beach vacation this year.  So much more fun than a postcard!
     That's for checking my bonus project out, and stay tuned as I'm working on two new scrappy video tutorials for you.  Hope you're all getting lots of scrap time in now that it's getting to hot to enjoy outside.  Well, it's to hot for me....I could send you all some of this 90 degree weather if you want it :-)

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