Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day - Part Two

     Welcome to Mother's Day Part Two!  This is less crafty, but just as special.  My hubby took our little one out shopping for Mom's Day and purchased me the Chamilia 2013 Mother's Day charm for my bracelet. I love it!  It was hard to get a picture of the detail since it's so tiny, but it's a hanging charm engraved with Mom on the front and pink bling (tastefully of course) on the back.   I love my charm bracelet as each bead/charm is for a special occasion picked out by my family just for me. 
     My hubby also did the cooking on Sunday...what a nice treat!  He made baked sweet potatoes, filet mignon and salad.  We then had a cake with my family from our favorite local bakery.  We actually come up with reasons to order cake it's so tasty!
     I do have one crafty thing to share...the wrapping of my Mom's present.  My brother and his wife have a little boy who just turned one...we went together and got a professional photo taken of the two grandsons.  I made a sleeve to "wrap" the picture and then decorated it using my cricut.  The paisley is from the Cindy Loo cartridge and I believe the lettering was Alphalicious.  I put stickles on the apostrophe and the pollen from the flower just to add a little something.  I was pleased with how it came out. 

     I hope you all had a relaxing Mother's Day.  Did you spend any time crafting or make any of your presents?




  1. Sounds like a lovely Mother's Day. Your new charm is so pretty!

    1. Thank you Anita - so good to hear from you!

  2. Very pretty charm and yummy dinner! I took my Mom and MIL out to dinner! LOL