Monday, March 11, 2013

Linger Book Reveiew

     After really enjoying Shiver (you can see my review here) I decided to continue on with the trilogy.  The second book was Linger, and I didn't enjoy this nearly as much as the first.  It was pretty much a whole lot of nothing to get to the plot (which you knew in the first ten minutes anyway) during the last 3 pages. 
     I continued to like Sam and feel indifferent about Grace.  I did however really dislike the turn the book took with her parents.  They go from the carefree, never home types to grounding her, taking about her cell phone and forbidding her to see Sam every again.  It came across very contrived. 
     I did however like the introduction of Isabel and Cole's point of view, but the conflict with them went nowhere and really left you hanging.  Don't get me wrong, I know an author has to leave loose ends to get you to read the next book, but for me this wasn't loose was more of get you involved with the characters and then completely drop you.  I really hope to see this resolved in book three.
     I also disliked the green type.  I'm using it here to stay with the theme, but I found it hard to read in more than small doses.  I will read book three only to see if something gets resolved, but I have to say I don't really have high hopes at this point for liking it.

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